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Lab Testing Services

Sport science laboratory testing is available at the UoW Adams Centre for High Performance.

Althletes on bikes being tested in the sports science laboratory

Tests Available:

  • VO2max Assessment

  • Lactate Profile Assessment

  • Combined VO2max, lactate and Economy Assessment

  • Peak Power Assessment

  • Metabolic Efficiency Test (MET)

  • Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (RMR)

  • Metabolic Efficiency/Lactate Profile Assessment

University of Waikato Menu of Assessments

Environmental Chamber 

The University’s qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced staff will guide you through the preparation, training and recovery process from heat and altitude exposure. Training using either heat or altitude is an incredibly time efficient method to increase key physiological parameters. The chamber is only one of a handful in New Zealand with the ability to combine both heat and altitude in the one room. Our resident experts are experienced in both heat and altitude training and will ensure you have the most efficient sessions to maximise your training time.

Tests (minimum 5 sessions and 6 athletes per session):

  • Heat Acclimation

  • Altitude Acclimation

  • Heat and Altitude Acclimation


Steven Finlayson

Field Testing Services

The University of Waikato Sports Science lab offers field-testing for team sports and individuals. This includes sprint speed, agility and jump height to assess athletic performance. We are also able to run beep or yo-yo tests for measurement of aerobic ability.

Tests (up to 20 athletes per test):

  • Speed test using timing lights

  • Change of direction test using timing lights

  • Vertical jump test (Vertec) and horizontal jump test (broad jump)

  • Speed and jump testing using timing gates and Jump testing

  • Aerobic test (yo-yo test, shuttle run, 30-15 or a repeated sprint test)

  • Comprehensive test: (speed, jump, and aerobic)


Strength & Conditioning Programmes

Our strength & conditioning coaches provide individualised training to suit your sport.


Used by World-Class Athletes

The UoW Adams Centre is home to the NZ Rugby Sevens and BOP Rugby Union.


High Performance Gym

650m2 gym packed with top-of-the-line equipment and a four lane sprint track.

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"The facilities are first class. The centre meets our needs with the gym, recovery pools and meeting rooms all in one place, and with the fields right across the road."

Daniel Floyd , Warriors Operations Manager