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UoW Adams Centre for High Performance

Our Background

What is now a state-of-the-art centre of sporting excellence was once a vacant building that has been transformed by Bay Venues and Tauranga City Council.

The Centre’s partnership with the University of Waikato has taken the facility from being the country’s largest high performance gym to also being a leading provider of testing and research into sport science and human performance.

Our Vision

The University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance will:

  • Put Tauranga on the map as a destination for high performance sport

  • Attract and retain world class athletes (in the past high-potential athletes have relocated to other centres due to inadequate training facilities)

  • Be used to implement and promote community sport and develop initiatives

  • Build community pride through the attraction of high performance athletes and sports teams

  • Be the epicentre of cutting edge sport science, research, and technology capabilities thanks to the strategic partnership with the University of Waikato

Success Stories

Our athletes achieve success in their chosen sport at National and International levels.

Check out some of the amazing things our Adams Academy members are getting up to when they're not in the gym:

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"The facilities are first class. The centre meets our needs with the gym, recovery pools and meeting rooms all in one place, and with the fields right across the road."

Daniel Floyd , Warriors Operations Manager