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Strength & Conditioning Coaches

The UoW Adams Centre for High Performance strength & conditioning coaches provide individualised training to suit the sport of our members.

Athletes being shown their programme on a whiteboard by their coach

Strength and conditioning training uses scientifically proven methods to enhance quality of movement. Backed by sports science research, this form of training can elevate an athlete’s performance in their sport and reduce the likelihood or severity of injuries. Dynamic exercises help develop proper mechanics and strengthen body parts that may be prone to injury.

The Adams Centre Strength & Conditioning coaches are dedicated to athlete development. Their holistic approach nurtures both the body and the mind and contributes to the success of athletes in all codes. Read more about their individual coaching philosophies below.

Loretta's Coaching Philosophy

As Head Strength & Conditioning Coach I aim to foster confidence and build character in our athletes. My passion is seeing athletes gain a sense of achievement when they reach new heights.

Our core focus as Strength and Conditioning Coaches is Taha tinana: Physical Wellbeing. This encompasses the physical body and its growth, development, ability to move, and the ways in which we care for it. Our Academy athletes are fortunate to have access to support services such as nutrition, sport psychology and scientific testing. This creates an environment that supports and nourishes hauora: the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of health. By nurturing all aspects of wellbeing, my team are able to deliver individualised high performance programs to Bay of Plenty’s top developing athletes.

Jordan's Coaching Philosophy

From my experience of coaching across multiple different sports, levels and ages, I have refined my coaching philosophy down into 4 key areas 

  1. Building strong relationships with athletes 

  2. Strength and capacity development in all aspects of athletic development 

  3. Creating Buy-in from athletes 

  4. Autonomous learning so they have the tools to maximize their performance

 Being a supportive coach and allowing the athlete a space to develop and feel comfortable is key. I feel if athletes have coaches and support staff going above and beyond for them, they will thrive and complete any tasks to their maximum effort. 

I support athletes at any stage of their development/training schedule by being an approachable coach who looks to get the best out of them, whether in the gym or out with.

Kerry's Coaching Philosophy

After more than thirty years of full-time coaching and writing from foundation to elite levels, I have discovered several key principles that define my coaching philosophy.

  1. Fun is the fundamental aspect to ensure repeated attendance and improvement.

  2. Skill improvement creates a positive self-image and attitude.

  3. A positive attitude leads to higher expectations, improved behaviours and better performance.

This cycle continues exponentially, and as a coach I am able to add value to an athlete's Taha Tinana (physical wellbeing) by personalising their program to account for individual differences. Understanding the strengths and challenges related to gender, chronological and training ages, maturation levels and athlete commitment is paramount when helping tamariki and rangatahi achieve their best.

I aim for continuous development relative to the needs of the athlete where movement specificity is the core focus. This removes the distracting emphasis on simple number progressions of the exercises. Volumes and intensities are secondary to establishing correct technique in line with scientific research in order to create a healthy future. Prehab is preferable to rehab, but the latter is always covered when needed.


Strength & Conditioning Programmes

Our strength & conditioning coaches provide individualised training to suit your sport.


Used by World-Class Athletes

The UoW Adams Centre is home to the NZ Rugby Sevens and BOP Rugby Union.


High Performance Gym

650m2 gym packed with top-of-the-line equipment and a four lane sprint track.

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"The facilities are first class. The centre meets our needs with the gym, recovery pools and meeting rooms all in one place, and with the fields right across the road."

Daniel Floyd , Warriors Operations Manager