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Performance Testing

Sport performance testing is a critical tool in our athlete development program.

Male Athletes training in the High Performance Gym

Sports performance testing helps us gain valuable data on an athlete’s performance indicators and progress, which then informs future programming and our athlete's overall development.

Our testing includes a range of field and laboratory tests covering all aspects of physical development. These include Movement Competency, Balance & Coordination, Speed, Agility & Quickness, Strength & Power, Alactic, Anaerobic Lactic, and Aerobic energy systems. All tests are scientifically proven and reliable, selected for their relevance to the individual and their chosen sport.


Strength & Conditioning Programmes

Our strength & conditioning coaches provide individualised training to suit your sport.


Used by World-Class Athletes

The UoW Adams Centre is home to the NZ Rugby Sevens and BOP Rugby Union.


High Performance Gym

650m2 gym packed with top-of-the-line equipment and a four lane sprint track.

Adams Academy Application

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"The facilities are first class. The centre meets our needs with the gym, recovery pools and meeting rooms all in one place, and with the fields right across the road."

Daniel Floyd , Warriors Operations Manager