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High Performance Gym

The Adams Centre for High Performance has a 650m2 high-performance gym packed with state-of-the-art equipment, eight lifting bays, a cardio area and a four-lane sprint track.

View of athletes training in the gym from behind some barbells

The Adams Centre contains all the elements required to service elite athletes and prepare them for competition on the world stage. It contains a sports science laboratory with heat and altitude chamber, fully equipped high performance gym, recovery pools, large meeting room, athletes lounge and kitchen.

Strength and Conditioning

  • 8 Olympic lifting platforms

  • Range of isolation resistance machines pin and plate loaded

  • 3 Concept 2 Rowing Machines

  • 2 Concept 2 ski ergs

  • 9 WATT bike pros

  • Industrial athletic Belt squat

  • 2 Bench pulls

  • 3 Treadmills

  • Curve tread mill

  • 2 Assault bikes

  • 4 x 35m Turf sprint track

Plunge Pools

Unlimited use of the Plunge Pools, with two cold and one hot offering. Hot and cold immersion therapy is known to reduce muscle inflammation and pain after exercise as well as speed up recovery.

Hub Room

Access to a large meeting room used for seminars, meetings, video analysis and dining.

Athletes Lounge

Access to a comfortable lounge on the top floor to relax in. Includes a fully equipped kitchen and dining room, Sky Sports on a large TV screen and Wi-Fi.

Sports Science Services (additional charge)

Various specialised biomechanical and physiological assessments are available upon request including: VO2max, Lactate threshold, Specific Biomechanical Analysis, Force-Velocity Profiling and Movement asymmetry and balance profiling.

The environmental chamber is also available upon request, where heat, humidity and altitude can be adjusted for acclimation and training purposes.

Catering by Carly Styles (additional charge)

Sport Performance Chef Carly Styles can deliver high quality food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and recovery snacks) that meets training requirements. Her innovative dishes help athletes reach peak performance. Carly has worked closely with High Performance Sport NZ nutritionists and New Zealand athletes and teams. Contact Carly via email:


Strength & Conditioning Programmes

Our strength & conditioning coaches provide individualised training to suit your sport.


Recovery Pools

Hot and cold plunge pools are available onsite to speed up recovery for training athletes.


Used by World-Class Athletes

The UoW Adams Centre is home to the NZ Rugby Sevens and BOP Rugby Union.

Adams Academy Application

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"I love [the Adams Academy] and feel very lucky and privileged to train in such a safe amazing environment full of people who work hard and train hard for their chosen sports."

Response from Adams Academy Survey, 2020