Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Body in Motion High Performance Sport offers high quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. It boasts sports physiotherapists with experience treating local, regional, national/international professional representative sports teams and athletes.

They offer their services from the centre's multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic where they have expanded their service to incorporate the expertise of podiatrists and massage therapists. Body in Motion High Performance Sport's clinic has been designed to allow for the inclusion of fellow sports medicine professionals including a sports physician, dietician, exercise physiologist, and sports psychologist.
Ongoing foot and leg problems are often a result of the way we stand, walk or run. Foot Mechanics Podiatry are experts in biomechanics and gait analysis. These tools help us get to the cause of ongoing problems for your athletes. We have over 20 years of experience treating a wide range of New Zealand's highest performing athletes here in the BOP and around the country. We are proud to be working with the University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance.

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