Training and Recovery Zones

High Performance Gym

The centre's high performance gym spans 650 square metres, making it one of the country's largest high performance gyms.

It features in excess of $500,000 worth of top-of-the-line equipment specific to the needs of elite athletes. A three-lane, 35 metre sprint track is another feature of the gym.

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Plunge Pools

Three plunge pools – two cold, one hot – are on site. Cold plunge pools, otherwise known as cold-water immersion or "cryotherapy" baths, are popular among professional athletes, as they have been reported to reduce muscle inflammation and pain after exercise, as well as speed up recovery time.

A plunge into the thermal pool is beneficial for relaxing tight muscles and stimulating the release of endorphins, as well as allowing for better blood flow.

Athletes Lounge

The Athletes Lounge comprises of a fully functional kitchen with all the modern facilities required for High Performance athletes. As well as a large and spacious lounge with a large screen TV hooked up with Sky TV and the many Sport channels.

Environmental Chamber

The University of Waikato's purpose-built laboratory houses a state-of-the-art environmental chamber. It is one of only a few in Australasia that can control heat, humidity and altitude – essential for athletes and sports teams looking for that extra stimulus in their training or for acclimation before overseas competition.

The environmental chamber will be used for research, training, injury rehabilitation and acclimation to both heat and altitude. Temperatures of 35 degrees at 80 per cent humidity, for example, help acclimatise athletes to the conditions they may face in other parts of the world. The chamber will also be used to research human responses and provide strategies to successfully cope in these types of challenging conditions.

Qualified, knowledgeable and experienced staff will guide athletes through preparation, training and the recovery process from heat and altitude exposure. Training using heat or altitude is a time-efficient method to increase physiological parameters. The University offers experts in heat and altitude training who will ensure session and training times are used most effectively. The chamber is one of only a handful in New Zealand with the ability to combine both heat and altitude in one room.

Athletes can visit the High Performance Centre to gain insight into their current physiological status using measures of anaerobic/aerobic capacity and efficiency, speed, agility, strength and power. This information can be used to set training zones, monitor performance, and to guide training programmes to ensure athletes are training efficiently and effectively.

For more information about the chamber, contact Stacy Sims at the University of Waikato on

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