Carly Styles

Carly Styles knows better than most that what top athletes put into their bodies is crucial to their sporting success.

Carly Styles – Sports Performance Chef & Events is the catering partner at The University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance. There Carly works alongside all other experts in their various fields. It’s a perfect fit for this foodie whose passion is working with teams and athletes.

Teams to benefit include Bay of Plenty Rugby, Blackfern 7s, All Balck 7s, Blackfins, Whiteferns, NZ Warriors, Chiefs and St Kilda Football Club, as well as individual athletes. This year she will travel overseas with two teams – neither have travelled with their own chef before.

Carly provides breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as training and recovery snacks and pre-prepared meals for the athletes to enjoy at home, outside of training camps.

Sourcing the best ingredients available is key, she says, with an emphasis on free range, organic, and local.

“I always offer two or three varieties of proteins and a range of complex carbohydrates. I steer clear of refined sugars and anything that is white – the more colour the better.  Almost everything used is made from scratch and free from preservatives and additives.”

All the athletes have individual requirements and she works alongside top high-performance nutritionists to create menus and recipes to meet those specific needs.

“My heart and soul go into every meal and working with athletes is the most rewarding role I have ever had.”


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